BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) is a three years full-time undergraduate program catering the need of student in various fields. B.C.A. Program is suitable for students who have just passed 10+2 and want to pursue a career in the field of information Technology. Student will be exposed to advanced software application e-business and website management. Successful candidates will be able to take up programming jobs in the corporate companies.

Job Opportunity

  • System Analyst
  • Software Development
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Hardware

Course Structure

Lab/Theory Code Subject
Theory 101 Elementary Physics
Theory 102 Basic Mathematics
Theory 103 General English
Theory 104 Principles of Programming Language (Through 'C')
Theory 105 Computer Organization
Theory 106 Office Management Tools
Lab 107 Technical Writing and Communication Skills
Lab 108 C-Laboratory
Lab 109 Office Automation Laboratory
Lab 110 Typing Skills Laboratory (English and Hindi Language)
Lab/Theory Code Subject
Theory 201 Business Accounting
Theory 202 Discrete Mathematics
Theory 203 Operating System
Theory 204 Database Management System
Theory 205 Web Designing and Multimedia
Theory 206(A) Object Oriented Programming Concepts (Through C++)
Theory 206(B) Programming through VB 6.0
Lab 207 Database Laboratory
Lab 208 Object Oriented Laboratory
Lab 209 Web Designing Laboratory
Lab 210 Multimedia Laboratory
Lab/Theory Code Subject
Theory 301 Data Structure (Using C/C++)
Theory 302 System Design Concepts
Theory 303 Networking Technologies
Theory 304 Core Java Programming
Theory 305 E-Commerce
Theory 306(A) ASP . Net
Theory 306(B) PHP
Theory 306(C) Linux and Shell Programming
Lab 307 Networking Laboratory
Lab 308 Core Java Laboratory
Lab 309 Elective Laboratory
Lab 310 Project